This feature enables user to take screenshot while performing testing . For this, click "Screenshot" icon .

1x1 pixel screenshot along with the skin of the device will be captured and will automatically appear on right hand side of the screen. And you can also edit the screenshot and log a bug directly from here.  

Let us see what all actions can be performed -


Related Icons


This feature enable user to delete the  screenshot, select the screenshot that you wish to delete  and click on delete icon. The selected screenshot will be deleted.


This feature enables user to download the screenshot. Select the screenshot which you wish to download and  click on download icon. Screenshot will be downloaded.


This feature enable user to Edit the screen shot. Once you click below mentioned icon will appear at top of  screenshot.
A]Enable user to  edit the screenshot .After clicking, user can choose brush weight and different color to edit the screenshot.
B]Enable user to undo the changes that is already done.
C]Enable user to add text .
D]Click to save the changes.
E]Click to close the screenshot.

Log A Bug

Click to log a bug in JIRA account.  
Note :-User must have JIRA account to log bug in JIRA


  1. If you found a bug,you can directly take the screenshot ,edit it to show the bug,save it and pCloudy allows you to directly log the bug in JIRA.
  2. by a single click. Click on "Log a Bug" and log the bug in JIRA.
  3. While performing  testing,if your app crashes then logs,screenshot will be automatically get downloaded.

      Check the GIF to understand all the actions that you can perform using "Screenshot"