pCloudy is a browser based application testing platform for performing manual as well as automation testing on mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) hosted on cloud. It is a unified app testing platform that provides hosts of other services like  bot testing, in-field user experience testing. The devices used are real (not simulated) and are located at the pCloudy data centres across four different locations - India, USA, Australia and Philippines.


You need to register on pCloudy to get the bouquet of benefits and make your testing efficient, fast and error free. Once you register and successfully log-in to pCloudy, you can choose any device to connect and a virtual network is established and thus you get engaged with that device.The figure shown below is a graphical representation of the pCloudy Test Infrastructure. pCloudy offers you 3 mobile device cloud models from which you can choose as per the requirement- Public cloud, Private cloud and On-premise cloud.


While performing test operations on the selected device, you will feel like the desired device is in your hands and you are operating it. 

You just need to select your the mobile device you need to test your app on from available list of devices and click on the cloud button to connect. You can also book your device for future use.

After the device gets connected, install the app from your local system and start testing