pCloudy provides automation execution environment to run your Calabash test script of android & iOS and hybrid applications as well.

Here are steps to run Calabash test script over android device:

  • Login over www.pcloudy.com with your registered Email ID & Password
  • To schedule "Calabash" over pCloudy, follow the below mentioned steps-

    • Go to the Automation page.

    • Select the Automation tool as "Calabash". 

    • Select Application Type.

    • Select the application under test.
    • Select the test data.

Click on "ADD" to add the device for testing and click on "Next".

Click on "Schedule" to start the test.

You get a pop up message of test automation schedule confirmation.

Click on YES to proceed.

Go to your mailbox and open pCloudy Automation Alert mail.

Click on the given link “Click to view Report”.

Here, you can see result of your Calabash Automation Execution. This directory contains all important information of execution result.