Users can connect any pCloudy device using DeviceTunnel as if the device is connected physically with their Local Machine with USB. This can be used by Developers to control a device using ADB commands and debug their apps in real time.

Here are the steps to use DeviceTunnel


Install pCloudy plugin on Eclipse IDE or Android Studio

Steps for Android Studio:

  1. Click the pCloudy icon to open the plugin
  2. Select "DeviceTunnel" option.
  3. Select Device Location.

4. Select a device with which the DeviceTunnel connection should be established

5. Click  Generate DeviceTunnel Command to initiate the connection

6. The plugin provides an ADB connect command with Port number. Please copy the URL by using the Copy to ClipBoard button.


7. Open terminal/cmd in your computer

8. Enter the DeviceTunnel(adb connect localhost:xxxxx) command

        NOTE: If you unable to do adb connect localhost:xxxx, try adb connect instead

9. You can also view the device screen by click on View Device Screen button

10. Login with your credentials.


11. After login, you will get the device screen. If you see any trust popup on device please accept it.

12. Once the connection is established you can push ADB commands to the device


Here's a video of Live debugging using DeviceTunnel-