When installing an app on an iOS device the app has to be re-signed with the UDID of the device.

Now, how do you do this when you are using a device from a cloud?

    There are 2 ways: -

  1. Re-sign the app manually using the UDIDs provided in this link
  2. Use Automated Re-signing - Just upload your .ipa file, and let our platform do the re-signing 

What is Automated Re-signing ?

If you have added our device UDIDs to your account while building the application, your build will get installed as it is. If not, we will detect it and re-sign it automatically for you.

How Automated Re-Signing Works?

On iOS, we replace the embedded provisioning profile with a wildcard profile and resign the app. Resigning the iOS app results in the removal of certain entitlements. This includes App Group, Associated Domains, Game Center, HealthKit, HomeKit, Wireless Accessory Configuration, In-App Purchase, Inter-App Audio, Apple Pay, Push Notifications, and VPN Configuration & Control.

To ensure the complete testing of your iOS application, we suggest you test the application on a physical iOS device before testing on our Device Cloud.

Tips while using Automated Signing:

Follow Apple Guidelines while configuring build parameters.

Build and Archive the application with Target as Generic Device.

Make sure Archived IPA file name does not have spaces/special characters.