User is unable to control device screen through mouse clicks.


This issue is observed when the platform is opened using Chrome on Touch-screen laptops. Disabling the touch on the browser will solve this problem.

The issue is not observed with other browsers.

Here's some detailed information - 

The problem could be with Touch-screen laptops + Chrome. The VNC Client that we are using, doesn't support the TouchScreen devices very well. See here.

It is possible that a faulty device driver tells the Chrome browser that a touchscreen device is available, but Chrome decides not to sent the MouseEvents to the VNC.

If your Laptop doesn't support the TouchScreen functionality, or the device drivers are improper, then you can direct Chrome to not use the touchscreen capability.

Here are the steps:-

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Click on Enable touch events > Disabled.

  • Click on Relaunch Now.

This will disable the touch events on Chrome allowing mouse clicks to act on the device.