When using a device from the cloud if you see that the device session is expiring and you feel that you require more time to use the device, then you can increase the device session by clicking on the 'Extend option present on top right cornor..

This will provide you with extra minutes to continue using the selected device.


Here's how it can be used - 


  • Click on "Extend".
  • Select "15 mins" to extend the session by 15 mins.
  • Select "30 mins" to extend the session by 30 mins.
  • Click on "Extend".

 Example -Here I have extended the session by "15 mins"

Select the extendable time.

Click on "Yes".

System will display "Success" message once the selected time have been extended.


1. Device extension is not guaranteed. If the device is not booked by any other user then only it will allow to extend the device time.

2. Device extension is considered as device booked and post device extension, user can not release the device till the extended device time is exhausted.

Once you are done with your test session, click on the release button to release a device. As the devices are shared, the cleanup is performed automatically when a device is closed for security purposes.