The data of manual and automation testing sessions are automatically recorded and stored on the platform. You can refer to the testing videos, screenshots, logs, performance metrics performed on a specific device during a testing session. If you don't require the stored data you can delete it by selecting the testing session.

To view the Manual testing data -

  • Login with your credentials > Click on REPORTS tab
  • Under Reports you will find two options
    • My Active Sessions->This enables user  to view report of current ongoing session. Click on the icon preset under Action to view current session report.

  • All Reports->All the reports of all session is present here.

Select the device session for which you would like to view the testing data.

Once you select the desired session ,you can view the data like videos, logs, screenshots, performance graphs of the selected testing session.

Click on "Expand All" to check all the reports in detail.


In case you found a bug while checking the reports , you can directly log the bug in JIRA by clicking "Log A Bug" button.