If you have just signed up on pCloudy for a free trial account then here are the steps to guide you to access free devices on the platform.

Once you signup you will be exposed to your dashboard which will show you an array of devices, some insights and platform features. Go to the Device Page by clicking on 'Device' tab and access the comprehensive list of devices on the platform. 

But, in order to filter out the free devices on which you can perform trial test for your app, click on 'Filters'. You will come across some parameters for filter and below that you will see Quick Sort. 

Click on 'Free' under Quick sort to access all the free devices available for you to test your app.

A list of free devices will be displayed on the screen. You can connect to any of the free devices available on cloud. 

Note: You are given 60 credits in your free trial. You can only use a free device available once during your trial session. If you try to run trial test on the same device again, it will turn into a paid access and will show you 'Paid only symbol'.