Now we come to the most actionable page in the platform - The Devices page where we get all the required information about devices that a user looks for. 

In order to test an app on a device in pCloudy platform, please make sure that you have followed the pre-requisites required before connecting to a device.  

  • Login to your account using your ID and password. 
  • Go to the Device page where you can find a comprehensive list of devices.

You can search for a device by the name, OS (android/iOS) version, or model number or by applying filters like shown here

Here is a list of legends you might come across while trying to connect to a device.

Devices available on cloud to test apps instantly
Devices are already in use by some user so are not available to test apps instantly
Devices are offline and are not available for public cloud users
Paid devices that can only be accessed after purchasing a subscription plan

There are two ways of connecting to a device on pCloudy platform:

  • Connect to a device available on Cloud: You can connect to a device available on pCloudy platform instantly and perform any testing operation. This does not require reserving the device in advance.        

  • Book your Device:   If the device you want to test on is not available for testing at that moment, then you have the privilege to book the device for future based on your needs. To book the device click on Book your device icon as shown in the screenshot below.

  • A pop will be displayed asking you to fill the date, start and end time to book the device. Choose the date from the calendar given, select start and end time from the drop down menu. Click on Book to get your device booked for preferred time.

  • My Bookings: All booked device are shown under My Bookings tab. Go to Devices Page and click on My Bookings tab to see your booked devices.  You can cancel the bookings directly from here by clicking on X icon.

Once your device gets connected, you will land to the Device Connecting page, which is the most actionable page on the platform.