Most real device operations can be performed as if you were performing them on the actual device. Let us now give you an insight into all the mobile testing responsive features available on pCloudy platform.

Device Rotation:

Device can be rotated to portrait or landscape mode 

In order to rotate a device to landscape mode, click on Rotate Screen widget.

A success notification will appear once the device orientation is changed to landscape mode.

Click on the Rotate screen widget again to get back to the portrait mode. 

A success notification will pop up again confirming the device orientation being changed to the original portrait mode.

Zoom in/out

Zoom-in and Zoom-out can be performed on apps, web pages, images or maps. 

Steps to Zoom-in:

Connect to a device available on cloud. Click on Zoom + button to zoom in the page.

Steps to Zoom-out:

Click on Zoom - button to zoom out the page.

Click on Zoom symbol to reset the screen.