This feature is used to check the logs while tester is testing the mobile application. This feature allows user to follow the logs and application flow at a single glance. Before monitoring your device logs you need meet the below mentioned pre-requisites:

Login to your registered account on

Go to the Device page and connect to a device as shown here.

You will land to the Device Connection page once your device gets connected.

Step 1 Please click on "Logs"button on the right top corner as shown in the below figure

Step 2 Once you click on the  Logs tab, the pane will expand and will allow you to do more with logs

Logs can be paused, stopped ,cleared and can be downloaded  by clicking on respective icons.

1] Click on first icon as shown in snapshot to pause the logs .

 2] Click on second  icon as stop/play the logs.

  3] Click on third  icon to clear the logs. 

4] Click on fourth  icon to download the logs.