Appium is an open source test automation framework which is used with wide range of mobile apps that supports only android/ios or both. pCloudy is a popular mobile testing platform integrated with Appium script which enables you to automate test of mobile apps as well. If you have your Appium Scripts (or you plan to build them) in Java then you can use the pCloudy-java-connector.jar to integrate with the pCloudy platform. In case, you don’t have your Appium script then, you will need to use the rest APIs from here

Objective of this document

This help guide will help you to understand the APIs that pCloudy platform provides to integrate your existing Appium Scripts with pCloudy. After the integration, you will be able to execute your Appium scripts from your PC directly to the pCloudy real device cloud.


  •  Appium Script
  • >APK or IPA file
  • pCloudy Account

The basic steps to replace your local Appium driver to pCloudy Appium Driver are given below:

1. Authenticate the pCloudy token to get an auth token

2. Get the list of device(s)

3. Book the device(s)

4. Upload the apk/ipa from your local system or get the apk/ipa from pCloudy My app/data

5. Get the Appium endpoint

6. Create the Appium driver object and perform execution

7. Get the consolidated report

Architecture for Appium integration with pCloudy

Please have a look at the video to understand Appium integration with pCloudy.

Steps to get the API key

Step 1: Login to your registered account on

Step 2: Click on your name given at the top right corner of the screen and click on Settings

Step 3: You can find your API access key here. You can copy the same or click on Regenerate to get a new one.

Integrating pCloudy with your Appium project:

Option 1 : Use APIs

Use pCloudy Apis and follow the step 1 to 6 mentioned in section ....

Option 2 : Use pre-built connectors

Following are relevant links to download the connectors and sample projects: 

Java- Appium Integration

a) Learn how to run your Appium scripts using Eclispse here.

b) Sample projects

Appium - Dotnet Integration:

Appium TestNG Integration with Extent report:

Python - Appium Integration:

Ruby - Appium Integration:

Visit This repository contains the Appium Sample Projects for quick beginners and advanced learners covering almost all the scenarios.